Steve Jansen news archive

01.09.19: Exit North debut album 'book of romance and dust' DSD now available

30.08.19: Photographic exhibition at The Flood Gallery, London

10.08.19: 'Escaping The Room'

14.06.19: UK Reissue of 'Through A Quiet Window' with launch exhibition at The Flood Gallery, London

04.06.19: Exit North are to perform four shows in Japan at Billboard Live in Osaka and Tokyo

21.04.19: 'Vertical Sleep' video trailer

21.04.19: 'Neither Present Nor Absent' released on Bandcamp

18.04.19: An in-depth interview with Steve Jansen

17.04.19: Filmed by Steve Jansen during the Exit North recording sessions 2018

30.12.18: Exit North double 180g vinyl now in stock

25.09.18: Exit North CD arrived in the UK today

03.09.18: Exit North Album Trailer

02.09.18: Exit North website now live

02.09.18: Exit North debut album 'book of romance and dust' - Pre-order now at Bandcamp

14.05.18: 'corridor' a new release on Bandcamp

09.05.18: photo exhibition at The Cape Breton University

09.05.18: postcard prints available from bandcamp

28.03.18: Photo Exhibition Kyoto

01.05.17: rare track available on bandcamp - 'now he dreams'

09.03.17: Latest album out now - The Extinct Suite

27.02.17: Steve Jansen - Slope 2× Vinyl LP

02.05.16: tender extinction - digital album now available at major stores

11.03.16: ‘Tender Extinction’ - out now

24.09.15: Music For A Dying Star (Alma Music Box x 11 artists)

09.09.15: ‘Through A Quiet Window’ preorder website now live

17.08.15: Through A Quiet Window

12.08.15: photo book in print

12.04.15: steve jansen official facebook page launched

27.03.15: ALMA project

07.03.15: ‘kinoapparatom’ available on iTunes 23.03.2015

06.03.15: free 'Lumen' artwork offer

03.03.15: ‘Lumen’ digital distribution

27.02.15: 'Lumen' - Jansen/Barbieri Live - Vinyl release

26.09.14: 'faced with nothing' - in digital stores

05.09.14: 'Faced With Nothing' - featuring Nicola Hitchcock

25.04.14: 'slope' - digipak edition (triple cd)

16.01.14: three musical compositions by Jansen available as iPhone ringtones

08.01.14: Slope (2013 Deluxe Edition) Volumes 1 2 & 3 links to iTunes

06.01.14: Slope Deluxe Edition available to download

30.08.13: slope - deluxe edition (triple cd preorder)

16.08.13: Slope - triple cd in deluxe digi-book format - Release Date 28.10.13

03.08.13: 'slope' re-issue *updated

29.07.13: blackberry 'spirit' ringtone

15.05.13: Takahashi DVD/Blue Ray available 26th June 2013

15.03.13: WOWOW TV Broadcast

08.03.13: 'captured through a quiet window' - single track download

01.02.13: 'exit north' - single track download

31.01.13: journal addition

30.01.13: Steve Jansen's exclusive download store

27.09.12: steve guest appearance live in tokyo

19.09.12: alice - samsara

19.09.12: Dreams From A Petrified Head at Sitges 2012 Film Festival

20.07.12: takahashi tribute album 'red diamond'

07.06.12: Takahashi tribute album

09.04.12: Dreams From A Petrified Head

21.03.12: Kyoto film festival 'MOVING 2012'

29.02.12: Tribe Magazine

11.02.12: Dalis Car pre-order

24.09.11: Interview with steelberry clone

21.09.11: Noema 2010 at Paris Film Festival

04.09.11: Sugizo

11.05.11: Susana Felix Project

11.05.11: I'Anson Project

23.04.11: iTunes release

31.03.11: Steve Jansen and Shoko Ise video works available on iTunes

27.03.11: news updates

04.01.11: Mick Karn July 24th 1958 - January 04th 2011

21.12.10: Jansen Harajuku Performance 23.12.2010 UPDATE

18.11.10: Jansen Harajuku Performance 23.12.2010

27.09.10: Sylvian's new release 'Sleepwalkers' featuring jansen co-compositions available from today

31.08.10: jansen sound design elements for blackberry torch and OS6

17.08.10: Jansen photo exhibit news update

27.07.10: jansen photo exhibit in northern italy

15.07.10: personal message from steve

21.06.10: imageshop announcement

05.06.10: Mick Karn Appeal

03.05.10: Jansen titles on Sylvian's Sleepwalkers compilation

20.01.10: sakamoto's commmons label 'music baton'

10.11.09: kinoapparatom available as download

16.06.09: The Occurrence Of Slope reviewed in The Wire

06.05.09: Purchase the 'slope' live concert postcard set here

18.04.09: imageshop update

31.03.09: Slope Live available on iTunes

30.03.09: Lungo La Strada

28.03.09: sleepyard on compilation cd

13.03.09: the occurrence of slope live audio download

13.03.09: A Secret Life - reviewed in The Wire magazine

04.03.09: International Film Festival Breda

10.02.09: A Secret Life - D'AGOSTINO/FOXX/JANSEN

24.01.09: a secret life

24.01.09: yukihiro takahashi album 'page by page'

28.11.08: 'the occurrence of slope' japanese introduction webpages

24.10.08: 'the occurrence of slope' dvd compatibility

16.10.08: 'the occurrence of slope' - pre-order now

11.10.08: 'the occurrence of slope' - a live dvd

30.08.08: Nissan TV Commercial

28.07.08: Slope Remixes

29.06.08: steve update

04.05.08: Jansen track 'now he dreams'

14.04.08: Jansen Live Review Online

26.03.08: Online Interview

08.03.08: live dvd and more...


15.02.08: interview extracts

15.02.08: 'swimming in qualia - ascent' soundtrack now available

29.01.08: 'swimming in qualia' film extract

23.01.08: steve jansen live performance 2008

18.12.07: The Wire feature

18.12.07: Swimming In Qualia

15.12.07: new/old images

27.11.07: Reviews of 'Slope'

27.11.07: Japanese Press

23.11.07: High quality FLAC downloads now available at

22.10.07: 'slope' available as full album download

12.09.07: Presenting Steve Jansen's new album, "Slope"

11.09.07: The World is Everything tour brochure

06.08.07: Luc Besson's 'Angel-A'

03.07.07: penguin cafe orchestra tribute album

22.06.07: Steve to tour with David Sylvian

20.02.07: "Kinoapparatom" performance in Parla, Spain

14.02.07: Live Performance TV Broadcast In Japan

04.01.07: Steve to perform in Madrid

02.01.07: Steve's solo album update

02.01.07: Steve to collaborate with Shoko Ise

01.01.07: Steve and The Penguin Café Orchestra

15.11.06: steve to perform in italy with alice in december

02.11.06: Nine Horses 'Money For All' EP - January release

17.10.06: Steve Jansen Live In Japan - photo gallery

15.10.06: Read Tim Elsenburg's blog of touring Japan with Steve

03.10.06: Steve Jansen performs extra shows in Tokyo

05.08.06: Steve Jansen to perform in Japan

13.05.06: The Record Of The Record Of The Time

13.03.06: Jansen remix on Sakamoto spring release

13.03.06: Jansen re-records track on Takahashi album

09.03.06: Wonderful World single release

16.11.05: steve records with anja garbarek for luc besson soundtrack


02.10.05: Gong Recordings

30.09.05: Nine Horses

30.09.05: Charles Lindsay: Science Fiction 1 & 2